Deadly Ascension

a DragonFall solo game

The Kingdom of Karnast (equal in size to modern day Oregon) is currently in a peaceful state… independent from draconic rulership. King Varrell slowly recuperates from war wounds sustained the year before, relying on his advisors to keep the peace while his priests search for effective cures and magic. With the great green dragon Avaraladaan dead, anyone claiming draconic blood or alliances are persecuted, arrested or killed.

Karnast lies in a temperate climate, with a mountain range (the Dragon’s Run) rising north-south across the left third of the nation. The Elven Empire of Netherim sets to the north. The vast and wild jungles of Baradan hold untold histories and people to the east over the Dragon’s Run. The arid plains of Cavalon extend to the south and become the Bone Sands, a desert about 1/3rd the size of Karnast itself. West of Dragon’s Run is the fertile and much populated Karnast plains, ending at the Boiling Sea.

The capital of Karnast is Daevost, nestled in the western foothills of Dragon’s Run, a few days ride from the northern border. And that’s where our story begins.


Deadly Ascension